Landscape of Discarded Clothing


Finnish photographer Riitta Päiväläinen uses discarded clothing from second-hand shops and flea markets to carry silent, unknown stories and histories.  By freezing the garment or letting the wind fill it with air, she is able to create a sculptural space, which reminds her of its former user. Her installations blend seamlessly into their natural settings.


“The unavoidable fact that I will never know the actual story and personal histories connected with the clothes arouses my curiosity,” she says. “The clothes remain silent, withholding their secrets.”








Riitta Päiväläinen is on exhibit through April as part of   New Wave Finland: Contemporary Photography from the Helsinki School at Scandinavia House in New York.

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  1. Beautiful and intriguing! Nice photography – gorgeous images even without the clothing, but awesome with it. Very organic – as a lot of clothing is anyway.


    • Yes to the organic, a very good point. I can’t decide whether I like the end result (the photos) or the set-up (the creativity of the concept) more. Either way, I’m sold.


  2. Thank you ArtJunkie for giving me this amazing artwork of Päivinen. Im so intriged by the tree ripping up the layer of grass as a wound on the body. So great to see that art can instantly result into associations.


  3. Eerily beautiful. Some of them are even almost frightening, particularly the second to last photograph. I love them for that.


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