Discarded Books: ‘Objects of Beauty’

Photo artist Cara Barer experiments with curling irons, clothes pins and water to transform discarded books into coiled, crumpled objects of beauty.   She says her photographs “are primarily a documentation of a physical evolution . . . The way we choose to research and find information is also in an evolution.”

“Barer visually documents the way in which society has come to retrieve information by changing a common reference book into a work of sculpture and photographing the outcome.” -Exhibition notes from Bau-Xi Photo in Toronto

More of Cara Barer’s work on the Bau-Xi Photo website, here.

Cara Barer’s website, here.

A biography of the artist, here.

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  1. my parents had a well loved dictionary that looked
    almost as alive as Cara’s white pages!

    the lighting for each shot is just as important as the image.
    for me it’s the lighting that gives them the feel of sea creatures.
    the ones that can be found leagues deep in the sea!


  2. Absolutely love the creativity here. I like the second and third picture the best. I love when artists really go outside the box and experiment with things that would otherwise be thrown away. Great post!


    • Great idea. She uses mostly reference books and says cheekily on her website that “No important books have been injured during the making of any of these photographs.”


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