Inkyung Choi: Free Spirited Creatures

Korean-born Inkyung Choi is into people, especially free-spirited children.  The Winnipeg-based artist, illustrator and graphic designer explores their movements, behavior, dress codes and other peculiarities. She has exceptional range. (Above: Tap,tap,tap,tap, 30″x30″, Acrylic on Canvas)

‘I can’t sleep‘ for art show ‘Let’s be friends, BEST FRIENDS’, 2012

Children are my favorite people; they are free spirited creatures. Their impulsive emotions and expressions always grab my attention. Their unique imagination flows randomly, everywhere, and sometimes out of control. –Artist Statement (Below: From Let’s be Friends, Green dress, 2012)

Quick Sketch

Hush!, 11″x14″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2011

Inkyung Choi website, here.

She is represented by Atti Gallery, here.

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