Grimanesa Amorós: Floating Islands

Interdisciplinary artist Grimanesa Amorós is part of a group exhibition called Watch Your Step at The Flag Art Foundation in New York City. She’s a logical inclusion in this examination of the relationship of art works to the floor, since her sculptural installations are beautifully grounded. Her works are in fact inspired by islands – the floating islets made of totora reeds from her native Peru.

Her installation Uros Island, inspired by the man-made floating islands in Lake Titicaca, reflects the natural elegance of sea foam and reeds. Her sculpture “arises from the ground as if it were one with the earth,” she says in her artist statement. When Amorós was a child living on the coast of Peru, she loved the beauty of the ocean; everything from the tides to the colors, to the bubbles and the foam, the New York based artist says.

Her  Light Sculpture Installations consist of LEDs, diffusion material, vinyl, custom lighting sequence and electrical hardware. The two above  and the one directly below are part of her exhibit in Rotterdam at the Wereldmuseum (more on the exhibit here).

Above, installation during the 54th Venice Bienalle (video of the installation: Go here – click “Production Video”)

Uros House, exhibition in Lafayette, Louisiana (Above, detail; below: Full image)

Grimanesa Amorós website, here.

Nina Menocal gallery, which represents her, here.

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