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WNDW: Street-Level Gallery Hopping

An inspired idea: WNDW is a multi-site project that links a cross-section of Toronto’s independent street-level window galleries, exploring how vacant windows in downtown cores are being transformed into accessible, 24-hour walk-by galleries.  (Above:  Braveland a pair of giant medals made of brightly painted cardboard and textiles and emblazoned with the phrases “Forza” and “Bon Courage.” Below: Happy Sleepy windows)

It’s a Carousel Magazine special project, curated by managing editor Mark Laliberte.  The artists Robert Dayton, Larry Eisenstein, Happy Sleepy (the collaborative duo of Marc Ngui and Magda Wojtyra), Eunice Luk and Magda Trzaski take on these playful and sometimes challenging spaces, presenting five new, solo artworks united under a common curatorial umbrella.  See full details of the project at its website, here.

Larry Eisenstein, Shadow God (above) and the windows (below) at Gallery 1313, a not-for-profit, artist-run centre.

Eunice Luk created New Crust to describe the eruption of new land as a fantastical phenomenon.  She used sculpture (detail below) and painting in her installation at Howard Park Institute’s window gallery.

Nature, mortality, still life and fairytale culture inform and inspire Magda Trzaski’s mixed media work. For her   window exhibit, Pulled Apart By Horses, she creates one of her stylized, anthropomorphic figurative works at the Queenspecific window gallery.

Follow the links at the top of this post for more information about each artist, or visit the WNDW website, here.

For coverage of the openings and project related events, go to the Carousel Magazine blog, here.

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