Sartorelli: “Low culture in a fine art environment”

Toronto artist Kendra Sartorelli’s works are inspired by popular culture, the glow of television and computer screens, neon signs, billboards and magazines of today’s mass media.  (Above: Monster No.3, acrylic on canvas)

I enjoy the irony of finding references to low culture in a fine art environment. My current work is a series of acrylic paintings. The imagery in my work is original, yet contains features of various monsters found in many B-movies and horror films. I also use the recognizable forms of speech and thought bubbles, which are often found in comic books and mass media advertisements. –Artist Statement (Above: Gary, you don’t want to hurt anybody!)

Above: Monster No. 1 / Below: Stop the #1 Fashion Mistake!

Kendra Sartorelli’s website, here.

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  1. Very interesting comments! Oh, yeah – and cool art! A lot of these – okay, all of them – go with the colors in my house, which draws me to them personally, LOL 🙂 Fun stuff.


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