Steve Driscoll’s Urethane Innovations

driscoll-6Toronto-based contemporary artist Steve Driscoll has been free-pouring urethane for a decade, allowing the industrial material to mingle with paint for creations that flow and pool. Driscoll’s approach converts the standard Canadian landscape into a whole new expressionistic look.


Driscoll’s dashing paintings, with their psychedelic palette and unconventional technique (poured urethane on board) are firmly planted in contemporary ground, yet have deep roots in the venerable North American landscape painting tradition. Angell Gallery exhibition notes


On exhibit through mid-January at Toronto’s Angell Gallery, Driscoll’s new body of work, North Swallow, refers to the series’ origins in an extended road trip that took him through 26 states. “I was collecting places, images and landscapes,” says Driscoll. “Each new place carried with it new colours, textures and space.”





Steve Driscoll’s website, here.

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  1. Reblogged this on Eccentric and Bent and commented:
    Sometimes things just take your breath and these paintings did it for me. The colors are vibrant and lively. And I admire an artist who is not afraid to do things in unconventional manners. Long live the rebels and outlaws because they are the ones who keep life interesting.


    • Thank you so much. Hope you enjoyed your holidays, and Happy New Year. I took a step away from the blogging for family and friend time, but back now prepping for 2013.


  2. Thank you for presenting Steve Driscoll. I was totally pulled in by his work; especially “Site to See (study)” on his website. So Canadian, so beautiful.


  3. his yellows seem to snake across the boards like licking flames in contrast to his very icy skies! they are very electric without the garish feel that alot of neon based colours can give.
    i love the pencil detail.

    the last one of the break water looks like a photo. very high realism.


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