VIDEO: The Flesh Paintings of James Kuhn

youngrival1This outrageous creation showcases the face paintings of Michigan artist James Kuhn, whose work has catapulted a young Ontario rock band into the finals of Canada’s newest music video competition. The band Young Rival is on the Top-10 short list for the $5,000 Prism Prize for best Canadian music video of the year.


youngrival3Young Rival asked Kuhn to do the video (Two Reasons) with them after they saw his work in 2011 on Reddit.  Kuhn’s profile says he’s a “retired drag queen, whiteface clown, former nudist, born again Christian,” who’s on a mission to create 1,000 unique flesh-painted faces. Kuhn provided the band with 25 videos of lip-synched performances, which they edited into the final video. (See more at The Hamilton Spectator, here)


The other bands on the Prism Prize shortlist are Drake, Mother Mother, Yamantaka/Sonic Tita, Grimes (nominated for two videos), Arcade Fire, Rich Aucoin, Maylee Todd and Metz.


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    I’ve been crying due to all the mediocracy I find on the internet and life in general. Again and again, everywhere I turn I see the same things. I see some artists post every last little image they produce. It becomes meaning-less. Not everything is great. Not everything, not every last little thought needs to be posted or shared. I don’t want to know your every thought! Regardless whether the media companies say it is our right to share everything, it doesn’t mean its worth it! Show me meaning!!!!!!! Or show me something different!


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