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Vimy Ridge 100th Anniversary

This is the best image I’ve seen to mark the 100th Anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge today.  Well worth noting. View this post on Instagram These boots adorned with poppies at the Canadian National Memorial in northern France represent the 3,598 Canadians who died at Vimy […]

HOCKEY: Red, White & Go

If you’re Canadian, you’ll know instantly why I’m posting artist Brandy Saturley’s celebrated goalie mask (pictured at the Sports Hall of Fame).  National obsession.  Go Canada. Brandy Saturley’s website, here.

VIDEO: The Flesh Paintings of James Kuhn

This outrageous creation showcases the face paintings of Michigan artist James Kuhn, whose work has catapulted a young Ontario rock band into the finals of Canada’s newest music video competition. The band Young Rival is on the Top-10 short list for the $5,000 Prism Prize for best Canadian […]

Werner Arnold: Carved & Polished

I fell for Werner Arnold’s work on the Gallery 78 website. Fanciful and distracting, these sculptures of puzzle-like wood pieces are brilliantly constructed. The works are intricately carved, polished, appliquéd and washed with vibrant colour. (Above: Time Lapse, 36 x 72 x 12)