Paul Nicklen’s World Press Photo Winning Shot

Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year Bubble-jetting emperors

British Columbia photographer Paul Nicklen has won the top prize in the nature category of the World Press Photo contest – for this shot of emperor penguins in Antarctica’s Ross Sea for National Geographic magazine.  It’s a phenomenal shot (see a Canadian Press article here.)


Nicklen uses his camera to chronicle a world melting away under global warming. He has specialized in photographing polar regions since 1995, shooting a dozen National Geographic stories and covers to date (see their profile on him, here.) The image above is also from the penguin series.

Floe Edge

Narwhals, from Nicklen’s book, Polar Obsession, shot in Nunavut, Canada.


Above: in the water on one of his shoots.

Go here for a narrated account of the penguin shoot.

Paul Nicklen’s website, here.

His Facebook, here.


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