Ceramics with grace & whimsy

Cluster I, II & III

I have a soft spot for ceramics, especially if they’re unorthodox. Kingston potter Marney McDiarmid perfectly fills the order with her translucent, fragile porcelain bowls. I think perhaps I’m so attracted to delicate, edgy ceramics because my mother’s generation was so into heavy, ugly quasi-Victorian dreck.

McDiarmid’s portfolio is particularly attractive because she often combines found objects, organic materials, text, stamps, photo transfer and decals to accomplish her messages.  More on her website, here.  See The Junkie’s other ceramics posts here.






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  1. These are very exciting!
    Does “Blue Mountain” qualify as heavy, ugly quasi-Victorian dreck? LOL! My family’s homes were filled with its ashtrays, candy bowls and tiered nut/snack dishes…. Oh, and everyone had the swan & the panther! LOL again!


    • I know Blue Mountain pottery, but we never had any. My house and relatives’ houses were full of curli-cued, heavy, pasty looking stuff with latticework and roses and such.


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