Dauphinee: Embroidered Maps

Dauphinee-BirdsThese beautifully rendered embroidery maps are by rising artist Meghan Dauphinee, introduced here in 2012 for her series of paintings paying tribute to the ubiquitous Canadian variety store.


Birds of Canada, cotton thread on linen, 27″ x 22″ (Detail)

Now, the acrylic painter and textile artist has taken to the needle to perfect lines on maps “as an artistic device to illustrate my relationship to this massive country that I live in.”


Edible Plants of Canada, cotton thread on linen, 24″ x 22″

“To me it’s not a country of smooth transitions from place to place,” Dauphinee writes on her blog. “Rather it is a land made up of sharply contrasting regions each with it’s own vibrant character, separated from its neighbours by brilliant lines. This understanding of Canada is reflected in this embroidered series, so far…”


Endangered Species of North America Map

An avid hiker and paddler, she fuels artistic expression with the raw energy of Canada’s wild places, from B.C.’s Juan de Fuca Trail to Ontario’s Algonquin Park interior, ranging in subject for her textile art across North America as well.


Marine North America, cotton thread on linen, 25″ x 33″ (Detail)  See the full map here


Sketch and sample for Terra Nova National Park (Newfoundland) Map


See her blog for extensive process shots, and more of her thinking on fibre art.

Meghan Dauphinee’s website, here.

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  1. Phenomenal! Her vision of how territory/areas flow or not looks good to me. Also, as a person who used to do much embroidery at one time, the mount of craft and work in these pieces is mind boggling.


    • I thought the work was pretty intricate as well. Her blog talks about her working 7 to 8 hours a day on just a small section of each piece. Phenomenal is right.


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