Meghan Dauphinee: Projected Portraits

Meghan Dauphinee’s stunning work has been featured on Canadian Art Junkie several times (acrylics here and embroidered maps here). But the innovative digital projection process behind her newest embroidery work deserves special attention.

“It starts with a photographic image projected onto human skin,” Dauphinee says.  “This overlay is then re-photographed, and becomes a working image which I use to create an embroidered portrait.” It takes about one month to create each piece.

“Meghan’s series of stitched portraits started by accident one night with a projector, a digital camera, and some naked bodies…These contortions of image-light on skin sparked the novel process of stitching together wild vignettes and the human form” – Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, notes for Dauphinee’s solo exhibition.

Mobile-phone images are beamed through a projector, spreading wilderness on the blank faces and torsos of human models.  Working from the flat raster quilt of these digital portraits, Dauphinee builds “earthy beings in the textural third dimension that only hand-embroidery can achieve,” the Firehall centre says.

Meghan Dauphinee was born in London, Ont., studied at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and graduated from Kootenay School of the Arts. She lives in Nelson, B.C.

Her website, here.

Her blog, here.

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