Month: April 2016

The Art of Scent

Even the most sophisticated of today’s scent packaging pales in comparison to perfume creations of the past.  From precious Lalique bottles to Czech glassware to ornate works from centuries ago, the art of scent is a collector’s dream.

Christian Hetzel

Once in a while, I feel a punch when I first glimpse a piece of art.  It means the work has struck a special chord, although I love and appreciate all kinds of art. This one by Christian Hetzel, sighted on Saatchi, did it for me. See his […]

Pop Renaissance Portraits

  Portrait painter Michal Lukasiewicz explores how bold “patches” of color can create a more contemporary dynamic to his classic, figurative works. Born in Poland, based in Belgium, his acrylic portraiture has been described as high Renaissance blended with Pop art.

An Artist’s Notebooks

It’s not often we get such an intimate look inside the creative process of an artist. An exhibition in London is showing the private notebooks of Joe Tilson, one of the founders of British pop art. Dating from 1970, they are exhibited with prints that prompted the entries.