Art That Nature Makes

Art That Nature Makes

Contemporary photographer Rosamond Purcell’s breathtaking pictures challenge accepted notions of death and decay, and blur the line between the natural and man-made worlds.  (Detail: Two Rooms exhibition, Tufts University)


Obsessed with things others may find mundane or useless, Purcell scours junkyards, libraries, and the back rooms of museums for things she can bring to life with her camera. She also documents oddities in nature, exploring every inch of the strange artifacts she finds. Her incredible pictures can be at polar opposites of the emotional spectrum; from stunningly beautiful to weirdly macabre  – (image: Cleveland International Film Festival).

Art of the Collection

National Geographic produced a stunning online photo show of Purcell’s work, here. Above, from the short video Art of the Collection, about her photography style. (See that short video, here.)


Rosamond Purcell on Facebook, here.


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  1. That first photograph takes my breath away! I have been very active on Instagram over the past year or two instead of my blog and there are so many “communities” if you will that focus (literally) on junk, rust, decay, peeling paint, etc. Of course this woman is going out and arranging displays of it, taking it to another level – and I love it! I would not think a collection of skulls odd at all, especially for a biologist. That’s pretty cool! My tax guy collects Buddhas. He has thousands of them. I’ve never seen his collection and I never would have guessed, though what does that even mean? LOL. Collections are fascinating!


  2. I just love collectors. Their collections always give you a fascinating insight into their world. My boyfriend collects animal skulls, and he is a biologist. Some people think it is strange, since we have them outside our doorstep and on his car dashboard. It really is just a display of his love for the natural world.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it. I would not think it strange to see animal skulls collected, but that’s because I share your interest in collections. Hmm, quite a few collections on this blog, perhaps I should do a post collecting them!


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