150 Artists

13/150: Susan Collett – Strength and Fragility

Rhizome 1, paper clay, slips, oxides, glaze, multi-fired, 17‘’ x 12’’ x 11

Susan Collett, one of Canada’s foremost ceramic artists, explores the tension of strength against fragility in her hand-built clay sculptures. 

Collett started out as a printmaker and still produces drypoint intaglio works, but international recognition has resulted from her sculptures, which have been described as visionary. (Above: Aggregate IV, detail / Below: Tilt)

A page of media articles and interviews, here.

Lineage, Sketch II with embossed. 47″ w x 32″ h

Earthenware paper clay, oxides, glaze, multi-fired, 30″x 9″x 8″

Aggregate IV 9″H x 11″W x8″D

Susan Collett graduated from the Lacoste School of Art (France) and the Cleveland Institute of Art. In 2001, she was awarded the first national Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics. She was elected to the International Academy of Ceramics in 2008. Her works have been exhibited internationally and are in numerous significant collections including the Bata Shoe Museum, Canada House, London, England, The Crown Collection of the Official Residencies of Canada (Rideau Hall), Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Tom Thomson Memoral Art Gallery, Trump Tower (Miami), and the World Ceramic Centre (Korea).

Susan Collett’s website, here.

A long biography, here.





This is #13 in the series 150 Artists



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