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Andrew Downs’ Zoological Gardens opened in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1847, stretching over 100 acres that also housed regional and exotic animals. “The Memorialist” presents artist D’Arcy Wilson’s ongoing research into the gardens, which included viewing specimens prepared by Downs in natural history museums such as the Smithsonian Institution and the Natural History Museum in London, England. The exhibition features photography, video projections, a 14-ft diorama (above) and museum and archival objects.  The Memorialist is at Dalhousie Art Gallery through April 14.

Images from The Memorialist: Museology

D’Arcy Wilson’s full Museology images (fascinating) here.

D’Arcy Wilson’s website, here.

Image (top of post): Diorama of the Gardens; a reconstruction of Downs’ Zoological Gardens, detail, hand-coloured and cut etchings, coloured pencil drawings, and birch base. 14 feet long, 2016. Installed at the Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, NB

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  1. Really appreciate Darcy’s dedication and her whimsy. The way we are going soon we’ll only see this incredible range of creatures in museums. Hope her work helps inspire a new generation of wilderness devotees. Hunt with cameras only and take care of the habitat.

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