In Medias Res

Strip Mall, 2018, acrylic and aerosole on canvas, 47 x 67 inches

Lonsdale Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition of new work by Montreal artist Patrice Charbonneau, known for his rich tactile semi-abstract paintings that explore personal narratives, everyday lived spaces, and built environments.  In Medias Res is Latin for ‘into the middle of things`.

Québec artist Patrice Charbonneau’s background as an architect informs his work, which is rich in psychological, emotional, and experiential aspects. His  paintings are characterized by a luscious, vibrant, and varied palette and by the haptic quality of the painted surface. – from Plattsburgh State Art Museum, New York, where the artist was on exhibition in early March, 2019.

Above the Flooded Zone. 2018, acrylique et aérosol sur toile 57’’ x 70’’

A seasoned painter and trained architect, Charbonneau’s practice marries the visual language of abstraction with design.”The artist approaches his compositions with considered and deliberate attention to the essential characteristics of architectural forms,” the gallery says in notes for the exhibition.

Parcours: 3 stations 2018 acrylique et aérosol sur toile


Patrice Charbonneau website, here.

The exhibition at Lonsdale Gallery runs through April 28, 2019.


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