Mixed Media

Julian Opie: Walking in New York

Walking in New York 1

Artist Julian Opie uses auto paint on layered aluminium to create snapshots of life in the city. His Walking in New York 1, 2, 3 & 4 (all 2019) are group portraits, each featuring five individuals, based  on photographs of specific scenes in city neighbourhoods.

Installation view, Julian Opie at Lisson Gallery, New York (1 March – 20 April 2019) © Julian Opie

Whether recreating a skyscraper, a serene landscape on the Cornish coast, or a selection of runners in a city park, Opie constructs an environment, a space that echoes the colours and shapes he observes, the Lisson Gallery says. “Fascinated by the act of picturing, and how that influences our ability to navigate and interact with the world, the artist’s portraits have become ubiquitous in locations across the globe.”  This video is from the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, where Opie had an exhibition in February, 2019.

The exhibition at Lisson gallery is the British artist’s first solo gallery exhibition in New York City.  It runs through April 20.

Julian Opie’s website, here.

Lisson Gallery, here.


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