The Art of Plating

#FoieGras e ananas by @gregoire.ossiano #ArtOfPlating

What artistry, with plates. It’s Easter Week, a time when tables for many people groan with family. Exquisite plating technique is not something most of us will concentrate upon. But there are many on Instagram and elsewhere whose duty it is to show us how.  Artisans, every one of them. (Scroll to the bottom for the Easter cake)

Brioche Childhood” di @yblinc

Vegetable, herb & shellfish chartreuse w/ shellfish and cockle butter by the @bocusedor Team USA

Wagashi (Japanese sweets) made of #mochi by @junichi_mitsubori who artfully sculpts each one with only his fingers and a stylus

Annabelle Breakey, Octopus and Radishes

Tortellini by @saltyseattle

@whitesbakehouse Caburys creme egg choccie cake!

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