The Artisans of Plating

Pickled heirloom vegetables, poached rock lobster, and Columbine flower by @chanteldartnall 

At this time of year, with Easter and Passover upon us, this kind of artistry with plates is on the minds of sophisticated chefs and foodies. The rest of us may prefer just normal, groaning tables surrounded by family and tradition, but there are plenty of guides on what to do if we want to up our game. Artists, all of them. (See an earlier plating post here.)

Finger-licking clams steamed in cider then finished with heaps of herbs, mustard and citrus. @allianceofchefs

Beetroot gravadlax. Chefs Greatest Plates

B.C. Side Stripe Prawn Crudo, with dill buttermilk, pear, green apple, kohlrabi & jalapeño oil. @biera_yeg

Hamachi: Chef Yuri Wattimena style, with Kimchi, Chives, and Radish in a rainbow of colours. @saquaseafood

Hmm. A personal note here. I am five images into this post on food plating, and I just realized every one I picked is about fish. That stopped me, Good Friday being only a few days away and the day I only associate with fish (not church). My paternal grandmother insisted I attend her Catholic service every other Sunday, hoping that I alone of her six grandchildren might stay for life in the “one true church.” I did not. And although I love fish, I think the reason these images attracted me today was that childhood association of fish on Good Friday. Go figure.

Mixed berries, vanilla @chefstyle

Blood orange fig & cardomen cremeux, torched meringue, ginger orange ice cream, dehydrated blood orange. Chocolate soil. @creativefood4thought

Vegetable Dumplings – Tahini Sauce – Chili Oil – Soy cured egg yolk @soophserveert

Shrimp filled ravioli, Gluten free prawns. @mrfoo.dlover

Pavlova passionfruit, violet, lemon curd meringue.⁠ @bestrestaurantguide

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  1. I’m also of a mind that the dishes are too beautiful to eat. It amazes me the ways people find to be creative.


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