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Quick Hits: Saskatchewan Delta

“Altered South,” 2019

Regina artist Gabriela Garcia-Luna explores the ecological fragility of the Saskatchewan River Delta, one of the largest inland deltas in North America, a rich, diverse ecosystem with 10,000 square kilometres of wetlands, marshes, lakes and mud flats.

In a time when the planet is facing an environmental and social crisis, when ecosystems are threatened and in a fragile state, García-Luna works reminds us it is imperative to look and review our bond to nature -Art Gallery of Regina

Gabriela Garcia-Luna at the opening of her exhibition.

The Art Gallery of Regina features the Mexican-born artist ‘s work through July 3. She documents the delta’s solitude and ecological importance in digital photographs, prints on rag paper, wooden sculptures, video and sound.

Art Gallery of Regina, here.

Gabriela Garcia-Luna’s website, here.

A review of the exhibition in Galleries West Magazine, here.


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    • When I started this blog in 2011, there was virtually nothing that could qualify as environmental art (a few did). Now, it’s such a powerful force.


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