Quick Hits

Quick Hits: Textile Revelations

Eagle’s Shadow, 2018.Wool felt and embroidery floss on wool duffel, 57.5 x 80 in. via Galleries West

Nunavut artist Janet Nungnik’s textile works are on exhibition at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection through August, the artist’s solo museum debut. With their radiant colour and ravishingly detailed handiwork, these works celebrate the joys of life in the North.

Nungnik’s embroidered and appliqued images tell the story of her life and that of her people, the Padlermiut, a small group of inland- dwelling Inuit whose traditional territory lay to the south of Baker Lake, Nunavut – exhibition notes.

Revelations, the exhibition, more information here.

At Marion Scott Gallery, here.



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  1. Okay, THAT was an amazing video. A happy person, who makes happy and gorgeous art. A person how had a happy childhood, loves her brother and is HAPPY. Hardly know what to say. Thank you.


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