Quick Hits: Janet Panabaker

Glass artist Janet Panabaker creates trompe-l’oeil mixed-media sculptural still lifes, like Party Plate, found in her Donut Misunderstand Me series. She’s one of more than 300 artists included in this year’s Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, coming up July 12-14.

Play Box, 2017, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, enamel, found plate.

“When I finished painting the enamel decorations on these little cookies, I was transported back to the sheer bliss of a childhood Christmas morning, and the discovery of a box of Peek Frean “Playbox” under my stocking,” Panabaker says on her website.

Saturday Morning, 2014, kiln-fired and cold worked glass, found implements.

Janet Panabaker has studied at the University of Waterloo, Sheridan College, Corning Museum, Queen’s University, and University of Toronto, with award-winning work in private and government collections.

See more on her website, here.

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Image top of post: Party Plate, Janet Panabaker, 2018, kiln-formed and cold-worked glass, glass stringer and frit, glass enamels, epoxy resin, found vintage milk glass cake plate.

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