Performance Art

Quick Hits: Performance – Xu Zhen

Shanghai-based multimedia artist Xu Zhen features a group of performers floating mysteriously in mid-air for In Just a Blink of an Eye, defying the constraints of physics as if frozen in time and space.

MOCA, where the performance work is on view through September, says that “as the audience waits for movement, for the performer to stand up, or for them to continue to follow the rules of gravity, they instead experience time and stillness as moments extend and are stretched out on through these living sculptures.”

See more at MOCA, here.

Review in the LA Times, here.

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      • I suppose, it is about being flexible and going around attacks without giving up your position.
        To do so it is helpful to be capable to see / understand the matrix and virtual reality, you`re living in…as well as their opportunities like lack of gravity and tome delays. Finally, if a reality is artificially created, it means that you are able to influence and reshape it like the original creator. You just need the source code for reprogramming….called “Neo” (= Keanu Reeves).


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