climate change

Kyle Scheurmann – Land in Crisis

This powerful environmental art is from Kyle Scheurmann, who documents the incremental approach of climate change in his narrative paintings, while simultaneously working on conservation and activism efforts in Canada. (Above: Fireweed, 48 x 72,” oil and birch ashes on linen)

Portage (Source)

His stunning, contemporary oil works paint stories of ecological crisis in some of the most unique and threatened areas in Canada.

Go Tell Your Friends (Source)

Since 2019, Scheurmann has kept studios in remote, wooded locations as an artist-documentarian. In 2021, he participated in the Eden Grove AiR, a residency at the Fairy Creek Blockades on unceded Pacheedaht territory. During four months at the blockade camps, Scheurmann served not only as a resident artist, but also a journalist and legal witness “in the face of the injustices carried out by law enforcement against Forest Protectors who were fighting to save some of the last remaining highly productive ancient forests in Canada.”

Even the Prairie Doubted the Horizon (Source)

Scheurmann’s paintings are “documentations of our threatened landscapes that have undergone human-induced trauma,” Bau-Xi gallery says in notes for his ighly anticipated solo exhibition, running through March 30. 

See the full roster of paintings for the exhibition, here.

Kyle Scheurmann’s page from the blockade camp, Eden Grove Artist in Residence, here.

His artist page at Bau-Xi gallery, here.

His website, here.

Instagram, here.

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