Andrew Emond: Night Water

andrew-blackcreekPhotographer Andrew Emond uses only the ambient light of the electrified city for this series called Diversions.  Done at night, these gorgeous works carry a luminosity that mimics daylight.  It’s part of Emond’s ongoing examination of  the effects that flood and erosion control systems have had Toronto’s network of watercourses.



These bodies of water spread out like veins across the landscape, and I walk along or wade through them at night with a heightened sense of awareness that comes when one finds themselves alone in the dark. –Artist Statement




A companion series – called Sublevels – was featured in the just ended  Contact Photo Festival, examining the sewers of Toronto and Montreal.  More on Emond’s website, here.

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  1. Great idea. I have shot stuff at night and it’s strange how a long enough exposure makes it look a lot lighter than it actually is to the human eye. I hope he doesn’t go out alone – I would be scared! 🙂 That said, lovely images.


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