Nada Sesar Raffay – Sunlight

48 x 48 in. / oil on canvas

Nada Sesar Raffay took inspiration from Hozier’s soaring anthem Sunlight for her first solo exhibition at the Roberts Gallery, naming her show after the musician’s “mesmerizing, uplifting and inspiring” track.

36 x 36 in / oil on canvas

In Sunlight, a new series of 14 paintings, Raffay says her “ultimate desire is to express my life experiences as a colourful story that anyone can find connection to.” See installation views at Roberts Gallery Instagram, here.

48 x 48 in. / oil on canvas

Listening to music while painting for this exhibition, Raffay was arrested by Hozier’s piece, “with the background choir singing, uprising voices getting higher and higher… and that was all just about “sunlight.” I was mesmerized, uplifted, inspired! I instantly decided to name my 2023 series of paintings with the same title to lift spirits and pass positive energy towards the viewers.”

View Hozier’s Sunlight on YouTube, here.

Nada Sesar Raffay’s website, here.

The Roberts Gallery, exhibition site, here.

The artist explains her thinking behind the works in this exhibition, including listening to Hozier, here.

Sunlight runs through May 6 at the Toronto gallery.

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  1. The unique mix of colors is great. I love how you use acrylic… think it is acrylic.. in such a unique way, the clear definition to everything is great. Overall, these are amazing, thank you for sharing.

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