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Anna Torma – ‘Fabula’ Textiles

Acclaimed Hungarian-Canadian textile artist Anna Torma describes herself as a “spiritual keeper of memories” who can find “endless stories in a little piece of fabric.” Many of her works are full of personal graffiti.

Parallel Stories I, 2018 reverse applique, applique and hand embroidery on two layers of handkerchief linen, 51” x 56”

On show in Fabula at Clint Roenisch, Toronto May 26 – July 1, her large-scale embroidered textile works are ambitious and expressive, detailed with personal symbolism and iconography. The range of her imagination is stunning.

From Art Gallery of Alberta, here.

“As a descendant of generations of skilled needleworkers and embroiderers, Anna Torma produces work that is both rooted in a deep Hungarian textile tradition and is also part of a vibrant contemporary practice connected to radical feminist avant-garde movements of the 1960s and 70s, which reclaimed craft and fibre-based work as urgent and political fine art practices” – from notes for an Esker Foundation exhibition, 2018.

The best way to absorb her work and understand her background is to browse her website, here.

Clint Roenisch Gallery, here.

Image at the top of the post: Party with Dionysos 2, 2020. Hand embroidery on silk, 105 cm x 1.8 m. Anna Torma’s explanation of this work, and others, is available on Canadian Art, here.

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