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Levalet: Street Art

Charles Leval, better known as Levalet, is a French street artist whose career has been on the rise for the last few years. Although his works are all over France, his prime territory is Paris. His pieces interact with their surroundings in a surprising and often magical way, […]

Animation: Douce Menace

It’s always heartening to see the work of young emerging artists, including this talented French animator Margaux Vaxelaire. She posted this six-minute short film, with a brief explanation of who else was involved and how she participated. This is a very good piece of work, which shows what […]

Larisa Ilieva’s Art Play

The explosive colors of Paris-based Bulgarian artist Larisa Ilieva pop from her “technique mixte” – acrylic, pen-china ink, collage, pastel on canvas, paper, board, stone and plastic. Ilieva says she loves using the mixed materials “to make an art-play in the space” she’s using.