Street art

Levalet: Street Art

Charles Leval, better known as Levalet, is a French street artist whose career has been on the rise for the last few years. Although his works are all over France, his prime territory is Paris.

Levalet, Do Not Cross

His pieces interact with their surroundings in a surprising and often magical way, and frequently include props or other three-dimensional objects.

Integration, Reims, 2017

Rescue, The crystal ship festival – Ostende

The artist spent his childhood in Guadeloupe, surrounded by its rich Franco-Caribbean influences, and he discovered graffiti culture in his early teens. At the age of 17, Levalet moved to Strasbourg to study painting and animation. But it wasn’t until he moved to Paris in 2012 that he started to work as a street artist.

Strip Tease, Paris, 2017

Have a look at his blog, here, for much more of his whimsical and intriguing art.

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  1. This is cool! If you ever get a chance to come to Thailand, there are loads of interesting street art pieces in Bangkok as well! Can’t wait to see your next post! 😊


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