Éloïse Brodeur’s Bovine Bodies

Éloïse Brodeur does cows – motionless, content and ruminating cows, in an almost monochromatic palette, with a few bright backgrounds.  Galerie LeRoyer in Old Montreal is exhibiting her works, a panoply of poses that capture what Brodeur calls bovine bodies distorted by overproduction.

I feel appeased when painting cows. They allow me to find balance. -Éloïse Brodeur

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  1. Hi There, always a pleasure to hear from you. The cow on the yellow background (whose name is Brian!) is $900 (for 10″ x 10″), but you’re right — some of them are upwards of $5,000 and more. You like them cause you’re a country girl at heart, right? I spent lots of time as a young child on my great-grandfather’s farm in southern Ontario and I have a very soft spot for cows. It’s the eyes.


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