Robert Bigelow Pen Drawings: ‘Like abstract tattoos’

British Columbia artist Robert Bigelow’s series of drawings (over two hundred in all)  were done in less than a year,  using just red, black and blue ballpoint pens.

With the attention to detail often associated with the scientific method, Bigelow has executed a concentrated body of work that records the visual charting of his mind as carefully as an electroencephalograph. -Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC

The drawings, “with obsessive cross hatching and outline . . . echoes the kookiness of works from the ’70s with a graffiti sensibility that comes across like an abstract tattoo,” the Headbones Gallery says.

Bigelow, born in Los Angeles, works from Vancouver. He has an extensive exhibition background, has been a fine arts professor at several universities and once worked as a printmaker at prestigious American print houses such as  Tyler Graphics, Cirrus Editions, Petersburg Press and the Tamarind Lithography Workshop

Full Robert Bigelow biography, here

100 of the drawings, here


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