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Coulombe: Symbolism of the unspoken

Quebec artist Sylvain Coulombe is on exhibit with The Symbolism of the Unspoken, his first solo show in Toronto. There’s a  strong sculptural element to his portraits, due to thick applications of paint, and deep scraping and carving of his wooden canvases. 

Ysabel LeMay’s Innovative Fusion

You might think Ysabel LeMay’s works are hyper-realistic paintings but they’re created through an innovative technique called photo fusion. The Quebec-born, U.S.-based artist takes hundreds of photographs for each piece, attunes the light and visual properties, then assembles one detail at a time in a painterly fashion to […]

Paul Béliveau’s ‘Pictorial Archeology’

Quebec artist Paul Béliveau paints culturally significant artifacts such as his own book collection, creating ‘pictorial archeology’ in work that references a database of thousands of personal and historical photographs. Béliveau says, “I like to use painted books as a strategy against loss, even though worn books evoke […]

Karine Demers’ Fresh Glass Art Designs

This former stained glass technician’s work features contemporary designs in blown glass, solid glass and fusion with hand-painted enamel. Quebec artist Karine Demers says she is “hypnotized by the flamboyant movement of glass.” (Above: Patched vases, blown glass with enamel. 2011) . -Paperweight, solid glass with enamel. 2011 […]