Graffiti Artist ‘Other’ moves from Walls to Books

Internationally renowned graffiti artist Troy Lovegates, a Canadian also known as Other, has moved from painting on walls to painting on books in his latest work for his Downriver exhibition at Parentheses Gallery in Halifax.  It’s his first solo show in Canada since 2007.

-The Human Machine

Canadian Art Junkie carried a piece about Lovegates’ free art last summer (see it here), and he’s still going strong with his large-scale work on walls (see this recent article).  But his artistry translates into other mediums as easily as he slips on and off his trains.  (Lovegates travels the rails and often uses freight cars as his canvas)

Along with his book covers, the exhibit features Lovegates’ paintings and drawings, many on found wood and scrap metal, along with detailed linocuts, most hand-pressed with a wooden spoon.


-Did Any Luck Settle Inside?

Downriver exhibition, installation view

His free art is so much a part of him that on the day the Parentheses show opened, he painted Free Ship (above): “She Goes,” he wrote on his Flickr site when he posted it, “a fishing vessel…smashed on the rocks of the Dartmouth shore.”

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