Zin Taylor: The Story of Stripes and Dots

A stripe seen from head-on is a dot, a dot seen from the side could very well be a stripe.

Brussels-based Canadian artist Zin Taylor is working his way through the Story of Stripes and Dots, a look at how art is made, and what are the building blocks of creative action. He’s on Chapter 2, focused on pattern and form.  (Above: A Record Cover, ink on paper;  Below: Seahorse with markings, photograph)

He’s essentially interrogating sculpture’s basic language, say the notes for his recent exhibition at Jessica Bradley Art + Projects in Toronto: “How do forms come about? Do materials have a will of their own, content to speak through Zin Taylor’s hands as long as he’s able to give voice to matter’s inner thought?”

-Diagram of a Knife, with memories, graphite on paper

-Alphabet of Ooze

The Calgary born artist has shown widely in Europe, including an exhibition of Stripes and Dots (Chapter 1) at the MuHKA in Antwerp.

Zin Taylor’s website, here.

Artist CV here.

  • Images, Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto

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  1. WOW, Zin was in my art class one of my first years teaching in the Hague. I lost track of him when he left…but WOW he has amazing work.


    • Krista: What amazing synchronicity. I know you’ve lived and taught and volunteered all over the world, and perhaps there are others like Zin Taylor where your hand has helped shape them. I love this story.


      • When I saw his name and looked at his art, I thought it had to be him, and then did a little searching and realized it was him. He was a good artist back then, but mostly i remember him being a good thinker. The world is really small.


  2. I love this work! Your explanation was very clear and helpful, too! I believe more people would appreciate abstract or conceptual art if they realized there is – in fact – a thought process that drives it. Thank you!


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