Oliver Pauk: Heat Loss

Toronto photographer Oliver Pauk is on a mission to help us understand how much heat is lost from buildings, and how much better it would be to recover and reuse this wasted energy.

I have chosen to photograph heating, ventilation and air conditioning units and to use the effect of thermal imagery in order to portray their huge potential for heat recovery.

Pauk says it’s estimated that waste heat recovery “has the potential to satisfy forty percent of total energy requirements . . . simultaneously, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by twenty percent; the equivalent of taking every passenger vehicle off of the road.”

Oliver Pauk’s website, here.

The Akin Collective, which he founded, here.  (Pauk and a colleague are part of the Contact Photography Festival, Motels of  Niagara Falls.)

His Flickr site, here.

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  1. Fascinating! I wonder is that actual thermal coloring, meaning do the colors actually correspond to the degrees of heat loss? It sounds like it does, but how would he get that to work over such distances? Maybe he is just coloring these “heat loss spots” after the fashion of thermal imaging to illustrate a point, but not a real thermal depiction? I wonder . . .


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