Above the Tree Line: Large Format

The 32 large format photographic color prints on exhibit at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery are selected from a body of work by Arnold Zageris, who focuses on arctic and sub-arctic regions of Canada. They’re captured using a traditional large format 4×5 view camera. (Above: Minerals, Labrador; Below: Frost, Abitibi)

His combination of traditional technique and methodical patience lends him the ability to show us a world we may not see otherwise; an extraordinary view of a geographic region not often travelled. The result is a photograph with a painterly quality, bewitched with startling colours. –RMG Gallery

-Moss Jungle (Abitibi series)

-Homage to Henry Moore (Labrador)

-Northern Lights (Labrador)

-Giant Oat Grass (Abitibi)

-Reflections of a Monolith (Labrador)

Cormorants and Penguins (Antarctica series)

-Memories of Gondwana (Antarctica)

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  1. Boomer, what is large format 4×5? I’ve heard that before. These are phenomenal. I haven’t seen anything like this before. I do so appreciate your blog. I don’t get here as often as I’d like, but I always find something to connect me to another place. I just followed your link to Maurice Sapiro a few days ago and bought two prints. His son is so kind. The prints were not listed for sale, but he said they will print any of them. He also included an old print that I admired. Thank you so very much for being here!


    • Well first of all, I’m so glad you connected, had success and were able to accomplish that purchase. I really love it when the blog is satisfying for followers. Thank you.

      Second, here’s a site, with some simple info about large format photography (very very popular) I like their explanation that the camera is like “grand-dad’s bellows box-like camera, where you had to disappear under a dark cloth. The principle remains the same, however nowadays they have evolved into precise and sophisticated instruments.”

      There’s a photo of one of the cameras at this site:×5.htm


  2. I am faszinated by the colors of those seemlingly very cold and rough places. Each of his pictures carries a deep atmosphere in it, an atmosphere of peace and danger at the same time. Simply great art work!


    • That is such a great description – peace and danger. That’s exactly what Labrador and other parts of the areas he’s photographed are like. So glad you connected with it. Thanks.


  3. Reblogged this on anngrafics and commented:
    I’m rather new to Word Press, but I have found a couple blogs that are just so special they bear reblogging. Canadian Art Junkie is one such blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


    • Thank you for those kind words. My jaw dropped at his pieces, too. I wish I could have posted them all. (He does a lot of exhibitions, so maybe you’ll get to see his work live at some point)


  4. What do I think? I’m still catching my breath after seeing ‘memories of Gondwana’! They are all beautiful, but that one really got me. That cloud. What an amazing artist! Thanks for posting 🙂


    • You’re so welcome. He’s quite astonishing, it’s true. Any kind of art that makes you catch your breath (as this did me, too) is a gift. Thanks for commenting.


  5. ‘memories of gondwana’ looks like one could stand on the tip of the mount
    & pull the knocker for the pearly gates!! if this is the last memory one would
    have of walking this earth, it wouldn’t be so bad, pretty peaceful.

    & ‘homage to henry moore’ what a perfect title!


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