indigenous art

Coming Out: The Shifting Self

Sarah Biscarra-Dilley is one of the artists an a group exhibition called Emnowaangosjig – Coming Out: The Shifting and Multiple Self at Toronto Free Gallery. Emnowaangosjig is the Anishnaabe translation of the term “coming out,” and the show confronts stereotypes of what it means to exist as an Aboriginal person through the lens of race, identity and sexuality.

In this context, Emnowaangosjig translates loosely into the notion of opening up and showing one’s true self with an underlying sense of happiness, instilling in the project a sense of hopefulness and pride in openly claiming the multifaceted, Aboriginal self. -Exhibition notes

These pieces are part of a collage called Masahai, which Biscarra-Dilley says provides a portrait “from outside of the margins of dominant gender paradigms and the often skewed view of anthropology.” She is a self-described “half Mexican” and a multi-disciplinary artist and weaver based in San Francisco.

More on her blog, here.

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