Anita Rocamora: An Ongoing Adventure

Saskatchewan artist Anita Rocamora says her work is an ongoing adventure of mind, imagination and hands, producing creations that are figurative, narrative and often humorous.

-Wearing the Red Dress

Mysteria Gallery says her exquisite figurative works “elicit feelings of joy, awareness, poetic whimsy and, most important, an intimate sense of connection to the earth.”

-Custard Last Stand

-Last Ark

-Second Skin

-When You Grow Up, You Can Be Anything You Want

-That Old Wedding Dress

Anita Rocamora was born in France, moved to Canada in 1963 and then to Saskatchewan in late 1973.   She is represented by the Mysteria Gallery in Regina.

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  1. what was the title of the first one – the three heads? I loved that one in particular. Great stuff. Glad I found your website by accident today!


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