Mixed Media

Greg Haberny: ‘Just About Anything I can Get My Hands On’

Greg Haberny is known for his wildly styled, spontaneous work.  His background in filmmaking enables him to offer strong visual clues, for example when he regenerates vintage comics, pin-up girls and baby boomer advertising.

“His work is a strong personal expression and involves a very physical process mixing comic characters with dirt, spray paint, vintage pin-ups, old films, advertising and pop culture to create hugely imaginative pieces.” -from Art Republic

Haberny says he likes to “work with everything . . . .  screws, nails, wire, tons of glues and epoxies, glass, shredded plastic, firearms, spray paint, oils, watercolours, enamel car paints, acrylics, and truck loads of dirt…Just about anything that I can get my hands on.”

These works are from the Lyons Wier Gallery in New York, including this last creation, a Haberny self-portrait.  Click on any image to go to the gallery website for the title and more information on each piece.

Greg Haberny on Saatchi Art here.

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