Memoir: Mikołaj Maciaszek


Mikołaj Maciaszek remembers his time as a small child in Poland in this visual memory series. The Toronto-based artist moved to Canada at the age of five, and now works in newspaper, magazine and comic book illustration.  I found these wonderful works while browsing for inspiration for The Art House Co-op’s Memoir Project – a handwritten story sketchbook


I remember my bear Miś, and the big stuffed orangutan Małpa żuta, and my huge collection of tin cars and plastic knights. I would use the contours and patterns of the rug as roads. – Memories 1992


I remember running errands with my mom and rushing through the old town square. Sometimes, particularly this one time, on a rainy day there was a man that would stand in front of the obelisk of the King, he would use a rope in between two sticks to create enormous soap bubbles.




I remember going mushroom picking in the woods with my grandmother, and the time she told me of a place called Toronto. She described glass sky scrapers like from the future, and that I would be there one day. At that point I haven’t met my dad yet, but he was here, pushing around an illegal hot dog stand.



Mikołaj Maciaszek’s website, here.

On Tumblr, here.

The full memory series on the website, and on Behance, here.

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  1. Reminds me of the Danny Gregory art book you just shared. These kinds of stories really draw you in and make you think of what in your own life are interesting bits, however insignificant they might at first seem. Are you doing a Memoir Project book? What a neat thing!


    • I am indeed doing the Memoir Project, after trying out The Sketchbook Project last year. That was fun, but not especially successful, although I enjoyed my first attempt at drawing. However, the Memoir Project is perfect for me – a LINED sketchbook for a handwritten account and maybe a few margin drawings to go along with it. My kind of project!


  2. Love the freshness, color palette, and concept. I was born in Denmark, immigrated to the U.S. when I was little, am an artist, and my memories often crop up in my work. I totally relate…..


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