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Caroline Larsen: A Painted Kind of Knit

burningup1Emerging artist Caroline Larsen’s new solo exhibition – Burning Up – resets perspective on the spectacle of a blazing vehicle. (Does the viewer see themselves as the arsonist, or the bystander who cannot help but marvel at the conflagration?)  But it is the woven paint technique of this Toronto-based artist that draws the eye.


Larsen’s oil paintings merge pixilated neo-impressionism with the idea of textile weaving.  By employing blocks of colour mixed with luminous gradation, the paint underpins the canvas in intricate weave. Rich, bright and intense colours demand the attention of the viewer, drawing them into the optical illusion of the painted knit. -Exhibition notes, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto




Larsen uses a bag with a fitted serrated tip to extrude the paint. “Using this piping process, I am able to apply ribbons of paint that weave up and over themselves to render images. The repetitive and rhythmic nature of applying the paint with a bag makes the work not only about the subject but also welcomes the notion of process as part of the mainspring.”

Caroline Larsen’s website, here.

On Facebook, here.

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  1. This is fantastic! It does look a lot like a Fair-Isle knit. The texture is very appealing to me I have a degree in knit technology and design, and am very partial to images within knit. Congratulations to Carolyn for her ability to paint this kind of beauty!


    • That’s such a great observation – about the obsessive compulsive draw of something like this. It’s true, too, that it would take that kind of persistence. Thank you.


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