Dressed in door fittings

creighton1-Photo Credit: Mad Wolf Photography
  • Materials include door tracks and brushed steel laminate

New York based Canadian designer Andrea Creighton created this dress entirely from sliding door components, for Product Runway, an architecture-themed fashion show that raises money for student scholarships. She describes it as “a fusion of fashion and architecture, with equal parts hand-draping and AutoCAD, manual lacing and laser cutting, fantasy and function.”

creighton3-Photo Credit: Carter Berg

The Product Runway event sees designers and architects flaunt their creativity and technical skills to produce couture fashion created from finishing materials.

creighton2-Mad Wolf Photography

Paired for the event with a door component manufacturer, her team set about finding a way to “both celebrate and contradict the nature of the materials we’d been given: to show off the hard, icy quality of acrylic in a diamond-like bodice, and force metal to appear soft and weightless in an over-sized, rippling skirt,” Creighton says.

creighton4-Mad Wolf Photography

The dress was made with deconstructed aluminum sliding door tracks, including a bodice of 1/4” thick frosted acrylic, leather lacing, and sliced door tracks. The big skirt was brushed steel laminate and the smaller skirt revealed on the runway was matte white laminate.  Below: Part of a step-by-step, on Creighton’s blog.


Andrea Creighton is a native of Oakville, Ontario.  She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion) in 2011 and has experience in costume production and interior architecture.

See more projects on her blog, here.

  • NOTE: The team also included Cinthya Toledo & Xyrus Diego for accessories, with materials from Raydoor.

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