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Dressed for History – Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver presents Dressed for History: Why Costume Collections Matter, featuring 43 full costumes, 5 corsets, 31 pairs of shoes, 28 hats, 10 handbags, 8 fans, and undergarments too numerous to count. The exhibition makes the case that fashion, and costumes are significant and enduring expressions of […]

Quick Hits: Camp Fashion

Not that most of us would think Camp Fashion means tie-dyed summer-cabin wear, but what exactly does Camp mean in relation to what we wear? Or what celebrities wear, to be exact. Watch the video above for The Met’s explanation, in relation to their new exhibition.  See how […]

World of Wearable Art

Catch inspiration from the World of Wearable Art without traveling to New Zealand, where the international competition is held each fall.  After 25 years, it’s a mega-production described as a “glorious rebellion against the mundane.” Organizers picked inspirations from previous winning entries, and sent some on the road in […]