Easter Inspiration: Tattooed eggs


Eggs are a symbol of rebirth, of Easter, and in this case, the focus of a fundraising project from the time of the Japanese tsunami. Sponsored by the British Red Cross, and coordinated by the U.K. ad agency TBWA, the project collaborated with a group of illustrators  to raise money and draw attention to Japanese reconstruction with these tattooed wooden eggs.  They were printed on Egg-bot, an open-source art robot that can draw on spherical objects.


Watch the Egg Bot at work on this Vimeo explanation.¬† And yes, there’s an Egg Bot pool on Flickr.

Eastern Eggs from TBWALondon on Vimeo.

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  1. Well, that was an interesting video. I went to the link they gave, but it got confusing over there. Off to check out the flickr link. Thanks for the post!


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