Cry of the Lake Dwellers

LakeDwellers-1Using the remains of fish that had washed up on the shores of a Saskatchewan lake, photographer Vera Saltzman created this series of powerful lumen photographs that draw attention to the destruction of our natural environments.


Each photo in her Cry of the Lake Dwellers series “serves as a visual signal of the effects humans have on the earth’s delicate web of life,” Saltzman says.  She’s on exhibition at Slate Fine Art Gallery in Regina through April 10.


The hundreds of dead fish washed up at Echo Lake, in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, where Saltzman lives, triggering the need to remind us of the urgency to change our destructive ways.

Saltzman’s work has been featured on a number of  sites including Lenscratch and The Atlantic, and been published in several magazines including Ottawa Magazine, Black & White Magazine, SHOTS, and Seities. “Cry of the Lake Dwellers” was runner up in the Creative Quarterly: Journal of Art and Design.

Vera Saltzman’s website, here.

Her artist statement, with information on the lumen photography technique, here.

On tumblr, here.

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