Road Trip


Jennifer Elliotson’s Road Trip series evokes the simplicity of life enjoyed by families who travel south in campers to escape the winter. She has been selected for the Untapped Emerging Artists Competition at this year’s Artist Project in Toronto.


The paintings are “reminiscent of those days when life seemed simpler and the days seemed longer,” she says.

“Each of the scenes is meant to evoke a sense of place. A line of laundry, a hammock or a pot of geraniums tells the story of staying put in one place for a little while; as though one might have the luxury of wasting time.”


Elliotson, based in Jordan Station in the Niagara region of Ontario, hasn’t always been a painter. For the first 20 years of her career she was a professional florist, running her own award-winning boutique event floral design company. Working with fresh flowers and design enabled her to master colour and composition in three dimensions, “a handy skill to have for painting,” she says.

See more on her website, here.

She’s represented by the Loft Gallery in Clarksburg, Ontario.

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  1. These are wonderful!! Makes me want to dig out the rusty vintage trailer in my back yard, maybe this is the year! Except I have to wait for the Nation of California to emerge before it goes South. 🙂 I’ll gaze at these paintings until then.


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