#Nederveen In Iceland

Steven Nederveen, one of Bau-Xi gallery’s artists, is doing a fascinating Canada 150 project, in Iceland. And if you’re not following the story, you could start now on Instagram #NederveenInIceland.

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ARRIVING IN ICELAND: “I’ve just arrived in Iceland to present “Ocean Crossing” at the Canadian Consulate in Reykjavik. The painting has been packed and shipped already. Now it’s just me, waiting and preparing. I’m nervous and excited to give my presentation. I’ve never had such a formal occasion to speak about my work. Painting is a solitary endeavour, and process of painting, assessing and responding is a kind of silent conversation that happens with my media and tools. There’s a lot of intuition at play so speaking about my work is a step outside my normal practice. It’s been an interesting and informative exercise to put my work into a broader context of Canadian art and I’m excited to talk about that.” #NederveenInIceland #NederveenCanada150 . We're following the journey of Steven Nederveen's commission painting as it makes its way to the Canadian Consulate in Reykjavik, Iceland. The commission is part of the Canada's 150th Anniversary . Steven Nederveen's upcoming exhibition runs May 6 -20 at Bau-Xi Vancouver ——— Image Detail: Steven Nederveen shooting in Iceland . . . #Canada150 #Iceland #stevennederveen #oceancrossing #mixedmedia #wave #commission #fineart #artyvr #vancouver #canada

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Nederveen is explaining Canada’s “Mystical Landscape” in Iceland, focusing on Ocean Crossing (below: 30×60″ mixed media, 2017). It was commissioned by the Canadian Embassy in Reykjavík.

Bau-Xi Gallery describes Nederveen’s work as blurring the lines between photograph and painting, creating a magical realism.  He distresses and ages the work and coats each piece with a glass-like layer of resin, enhancing the clarity of the image and reflecting the viewer into the work.

Bau-Xi artist page, here.

Nederveen’s website, here.

Feature in the Iceland media, here.

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  1. Love your work! We’re looking for more artists to feature on our growing canadian based artbwebsite for selling prints and paintings! Contact if interested or just check us out!


    • Thanks for stopping by. This is a curated site, so none of it is my own work (unfortunately!) It’s all from artists or exhibitions I feature. Good luck with your site.


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