#Nederveen In Iceland

Steven Nederveen, one of Bau-Xi gallery’s artists, is doing a fascinating Canada 150 project, in Iceland. And if you’re not following the story, you could start now on Instagram #NederveenInIceland.

Nederveen is explaining Canada’s “Mystical Landscape” in Iceland, focusing on Ocean Crossing (below: 30×60″ mixed media, 2017). It was commissioned by the Canadian Embassy in Reykjavík.

Bau-Xi Gallery describes Nederveen’s work as blurring the lines between photograph and painting, creating a magical realism.  He distresses and ages the work and coats each piece with a glass-like layer of resin, enhancing the clarity of the image and reflecting the viewer into the work.

Bau-Xi artist page, here.

Nederveen’s website, here.

Feature in the Iceland media, here.

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  1. Love your work! We’re looking for more artists to feature on our growing canadian based artbwebsite for selling prints and paintings! Contact if interested or just check us out!


    • Thanks for stopping by. This is a curated site, so none of it is my own work (unfortunately!) It’s all from artists or exhibitions I feature. Good luck with your site.


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