150 Artists

1/150 Artists: E.J. Hughes


Coastal Boats Near Sidney, BC, 1948

E.J. Hughes, Coastal Boats Near Sidney, BC, 1948

The late E.J. Hughes, a renowned British Columbia coastal artist, is the first entry in a series running on Canadian Art Junkie.  (This series was originally created in 2017 to celebrate the year of the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s founding, but it is now ongoing)

Artist No. 1/150

1949 painting The Post Office at Courtenay, BC, sold for $1.593 million at the Heffel auction

The Post Office at Courtenay, BC,1949. Sold for record $1.593 million, 2016

E.J. Hughes (1913 – 2007) developed a West Coast stylized realism that earned him a unique place in the history of Canadian art. His work from the 1930s to 2000 focused on the evocative symbols of British Columbia life – ferries crossing the Georgia Straight, picturesque fishing villages, farm houses and imposing coastal mountains.

Taylor Bay, Gabriola Island, 952

Taylor Bay, Gabriola Island, 1952

“Nature is so wonderful.  I feel that when I’m doing my painting that it is a form of worship.” – Edward John Hughes

Departure from Nanaimo, 1964

Departure from Nanaimo, 1964

Harbour Scene, Nanaimo, BC, 1970

Harbour Scene, Nanaimo, BC, 1970

E.J. Hughes, biography and works in the National Gallery of Canada, here.

On the Canadian Art History Archive, here.



This is #1 in the series 150 Artists.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing all of them! I’m a Canadian artist too but not known (alas) But I enjoy my craft and have to tell myself I paint for myself or I’d go berserk.LOL I’m going to share some of these on my facebook art page as well if that’s OK with you. Thanks for doing all of this. My art is at http:whereipaint.wordpress.com if interested.


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